Poker Body Weight Workout

The Poker Body Weight Workout is an equipment free fun workout you can do at home or any other place with a small amount of space. All you need is a pack of playing cards.

How it works:

Separate all the A,K,Q,J (royal) cards from a deck of cards so you have 16 cards.

Then add 1 Joker card so in total you have 17 cards.

In another pile have the rest of the cards. 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Shuffle the Royal Cards face down pull out 6 cards. One at a time.

After you pull out each Royal card pull out 3 number cards from the other pile.

Add the total of the 3 cards and that’s the number of reps you need to do the exercise.

Replace the counting cards each time.

Each Suite equals a different are of exercise focus:

Spades – Lower Body

Diamonds – Upper Body

Clubs – Core

Hearts – Cardio

Exercise Order

Spades (Lower Body), Diamonds (Upper Body), Clubs (Core), Hearts (Cardio).

Each exercise is done 3 times. That is a total of 18 exercises (3 sets of 6 exercises).

Now pull out your cards and create the days workout.

Spades – Lower Body

Ace – Squats

King – Walking Lunges

Queen – Leaps

Jack – Hip Bridge

Diamonds – Upper Body

Ace – Push Ups

King – Triceps Dips

Queen – Commando Planks

Jack – Inch Worms

Clubs – Core

Ace – Double leg lift/ toe touch

King – Bicycle Sit ups

Queen – Plank (4 seconds per number)

Jack – Flutter Kicks

Hearts – Cardio

Ace – Mountain Climbers

King – Burpees

Queen – Skipping (30 seconds)

Jack – Star Jumps


On your first Royal Card you pull out Ace of diamonds then the numbers 3, 4, 2

That’s 9 Push Ups.

Next you pull out Queen of Diamonds and numbers 6,4,1

That’s 11 Commando Planks

Repeat – Until you have you know your 6 exercises and number of Reps.

If you pull out the Joker card you can choose any exercise you want.

This becomes your exercise program.

Now grab a few friends and challenge them to a work out.

Have fun!! Remember to warm up before you start and stretch at the end.

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