Wayne Nicholls and Start Me Up Personal Training has transformed our family! We initially engaged Waynes expertise at the beginning of 2015 to help our daughter achieve a complex fitness programme set out by Netball NSW which contributed to her achieving a position in the NSW Under 17s development team. Wayne has continued to help her improve in strength and fitness and subsequently be able to play netball at an elite level. My husband also joined early 2015 and as a result of Wayne’s fitness programme and encouragement, he has managed to lose almost 20 kg!


Not a fitness fanatic whatsoever, I reluctantly started in July and have been amazed to see a significant improvement in my strength and fitness not to mention coordination. I have even discovered that I do in fact possess a “core” something I lost after having children a number of years ago! Waynes sessions are tailored to each of our needs and are always varied and enjoyable. Not only have we gained our fitness but a friend as well!!


 Fiona Corfield



Wayno is a brilliant Personal Trainer? He trains my teenage son and I twice a week at our home, and he’s awesome.

I hear you ask “why is he so brilliant?” A few reasons:


  • I’ve had many PT’s over the years, but Wayno’s technical knowledge is second to none. He seems to know every muscle and tendon, what they’re called and how to get the best out of them.

  • He manages to train a teenage boy with attitude (who wants to bulk up) and an overweight 47 year-old (who needs to bulk down), at the same time. He keeps us both sweating, motivated, involved, challenged and we never get bored.

  • Wayno actually listens to your goals, your concerns, your body and your limitations. He starts very slowly, but because he does it so well, my son and my progress has been astounding to us.

  • His knowledge on diet and lifestyle is fantastic and certainly gels well with his workouts

I cannot recommend Wayne highly enough as a PT. He’s a great bloke and he really knows his stuff. He’s the best one I’ve ever found over the years and he really gets the results.


Use him, you will not regret it. I just hope he doesn’t become so popular that he can’t fit us in! He is that good.


 Jase Gram



Thanks so much for 2014, it has been great being trained by you and I have really enjoyed the sessions. I also feel that I have become stronger over the past few months and feel fitter in general.


It has been great working with the Viper - I have never done this before so it has been a really good addition to the workouts. I also appreciate your ‘holistic’ approach in terms of your knowledge of injuries and how to strengthen and avoid further damage.  Also your tips on Manuka honey have helped the whole family! My back has really improved over the past few months and I'm sure it is due to becoming stronger in the core and also your awareness of how to work around things when they are playing up.


 Samantha McGregor



Wayne started training my daughter in August 2015 as part of her recovery programme following knee reconstruction. We approached him after a glowing recommendation from an NSW State team netballer.


With Wayne's tuition, Charlotte has been able to return to netball 10 months after surgery. He liaises with Charlotte's physiotherapist to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to her recovery. He also read up on the latest Netball Australia knee prevention protocols so he was fully aware of the sport specific recommendations.


Wayne teaches form over quantity so we feel confident knowing that we are doing exercises correctly and thereby minimising the chance of injury. It's also really helpful that Wayne takes photos and videos to demonstrate corrected technique. Charlotte enjoys her sessions so much that I have now also joined her each week. Wayne's teaching and communication skills are second to none and I can highly recommend him to anyone of any fitness level looking for a quality personal trainer. 


 Sharon Easten



I've been working out with Wayne from SMUPT for 8 weeks with a specific distance running goal. Not only has my fitness improved dramatically (25% improvement in 6 weeks) but I am leaner, stronger and faster. Wayne has such knowledge and skill that I am achieving results I had no idea I was capable of without injury and with loads of fun!! Wayne is an incredible motivator and a great coach! 10/10!!


Nikki Drummond



We would like to thank you for coaching our children and your ongoing interest in their basketball development. Our children are at different levels in basketball but they have all really enjoyed your coaching style and as a result they have all improved their game. Most important of all they have a lot of fun during the sessions. Matty, Jess, Tim and Krista are all looking forward to continuing to work with you, be challenged and improving their game. They really enjoy the follow up and comments you send through after their training sessions, it’s been good feedback for them and great for their confidence.


 Marcelle Mikhael



I really like the variety Wayne offers in his training sessions. I like the fact that the workouts are challenging but achievable. You are very reliable and always organised and ready to go. I find the exercise really enjoyable and a great start to the day. I always feel 100% better at the end of a session than I did at the beginning. I look forward to exercising and it is a positive part of my day. In the past exercise has been a chore and something that I knew I had to do rather than enjoyed doing. The outdoor, group training environment is a great combination for me.


Kerrie Adams




Wayne is the most dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate PT, he can design a program tailored to your needs leading you to optimal results! He also won the Champion Award at Australian Institute of Fitness!


Erin Goodare




We love our PT sessions with Wayne. He provides challenging, diverse and fun exercises. It is so good to have someone who is not too gung-ho but rather mature, smart and reflective about how to build strength and resilience in this flabby, unfit couple. Couldn't recommend him highly enough.


Jenny George



I had my first person training session today with Wayne. As a non-fan of gyms, working out and exercise, I was very reluctant. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the full hour.


Wayne somehow made the hour's workout fun, interesting and not too strenuous. I was amazed how much I actually did!

I believe it made a big difference working out in my local park instead of the hot and sweaty gyms where you are trying your first lunges and crunches in front of the beefed up gym junkies!


I highly recommend Start Me Up Personal Training for all those that are interested in getting fit, losing weight and learning new ways of gaining a healthier lifestyle!


I have to say, I think Wayne will be seeing more of me in the future.


Rachael Young



By far it’s your passion for what you do that stands out the most – it’s the thing that makes us look forward to our sessions with you and keeps us all consistent with our training.


  Nicola Mayes

The clients say it best...