Injury Prevention + Rehabilitation


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Injury prevention is always better than cure so I provide clients with techniques that focus on safety and correct form to minimise the risk of injury in the first place. For example, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)damage is particularly prevalent in adolescent women and in sports such as netball, basketball, soccer and touch football, so I offer injury prevention coaching to give them the confidence to participate at a lower risk of injury to their lower limbs.


Unfortunately there are times that this isn’t enough so then I work with my client and their physiotherapist and surgeon to ensure the quickest return to normal activity after their injury.


Following ACL surgery, special attention needs to be placed on strengthening the quadriceps, gluteus maximus, calves, hamstrings, hip stabilisers and core. A stretching and warm-up regime should also be followed.



Activities include:

  • Dynamic warm-up

  • Movement techniques

  • Posterior chain exercise

  • Core exercise

  • Stretching and myofascial rolling


Duration: 1 full hour