Fitness + Toning

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Fitness and Toning sessions are amongst the most popular sessions we offer and usually take place at the client’s home or nearby park.


The sessions are of varied intensity and are tailored for each client. The aim is to engage the body with a new activity then gradually increase the intensity over time, progressing to more challenging exercises down the track. Safety and correct form are important at all times.


Activities include:

  • Body weight exercises

  • Aerobic exercise such as battle rope

  • Use of ViPR, kettle bells and weights

  • Core strengthening


I try and make each session interesting and fun and one of the things I find most satisfying is seeing clients who may have been apprehensive to begin with, coming back and loving the workouts. In fact I now have several family groups that began with just one member – other members of the family gradually joined the sessions when they saw the results that were being achieved.


Many clients have had great success at losing weight, gaining fitness and adding strength. One has lost 20 kg this year and another, two dress sizes. My clients regularly achieve — and beat — their personal exercise goals e.g. the number of pushups they can do.


Duration: 1 full hour

Some Clients Exercising