Selecting a Personal Trainer

This blog is focused on Personal Training - which by definition is individual based training. Not multi person or Group Training.

Choosing a Personal Trainer:

Only use registered personal trainers that are members of Fitness Australia. This ensures the trainer has a basic level of training and experience, has first aid and CPR training. Industry Associations also ensure their members have continuous education. 

You wouldn't use an unlicensed builder, so why would you hire an unregistered trainer.

All personal trainers will have a certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40215). Personal trainers experience and qualifications can be seen using the Fitness Australia website.

Use the type of training that best suits your likes and lifestyle:

Do you like the idea of a Gym, Outdoors or training at your home.

Gym has many advantages including breadth of equipment and being all weather.

Unfortunately, gym membership is an added cost and might involve travel.

Trainers that come to your home or local park offer convenience, but will not have the extent of equipment that can be found in gyms. You also are subject to weather if you not under cover. But sunlight and fresh air do have their advantages.

Other than hypertrophy (body building) I think both Gym and non Gym trainers can be equally as effective.

Get some personal referrals or read some testimonials:

Personal referrals are often the best way of locating a trainer. You can get an insight into what the trainer does well from someone you know and trust.

Testimonials can also be a good source of information. Although take them with a little grain of salt, as no trainer will be posting negative reviews. 

Speak with or meeting the trainer will give you an insight into their personality. You will be spending a couple hours a week with this person, so you need to be able to get along. Training isn't a one way street. The best personal trainers get to know their clients and work with them to achieve goals. Personal Training should not be a dictatorial approach, but more collaborative.

See how long the personal trainers clients have been with them. Good trainers often retain clients for years.

What does the trainer do well?


Functional Fitness



Strength and Condition




Personal Training costs can vary considerably. Trainers can charge based on their industry experience,knowledge, strength of referrals, current availability, whether they need to travel, time of day the client needs to train and type of training client requires.

The more you pay does not necessarily equate to quality or success.

Typically, costs can range from $80-$160/hour, plus gym costs.

Most training session would take place between 45-60 minutes.

Typical Training Session (sample only)

Warm Up 5-10 minutes involving some joint mobility, dynamic movement and rolling

Main exercises 35-40 minutes - usually commencing with larger muscles, can include core work and cardio

Cool Down/Stretch 5-10 minutes

Wayne Nicholls is the owner of Start Me Up Personal Training a mobile training business that comes to clients homes or local parks to offer his services.

For more information visit his website

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